Taking Sides on Suicide

by Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa Suicide is the deliberate and voluntary taking of one’s own life. Suicide or attempted suicide is motivated by several factors. It may be in order to escape intense purposelessness or hopelessness. Despair, pain, guilt, fear of impending danger or punishment, anger and revenge (in order to inflict pain and guilt on […]

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Q&A Session on Spiritual Journey and Disciplines

with Stuart McAllister, Abdu Murray and Ravi Zacharias How do we battle with the increasing pressures at the workplace and still keep our Christian faith? What is our role when God is silent? How do we build a strong Christian support community? These are some of the questions tackled by Stuart McAllister, Abdu Murray and […]

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Evil and Suffering in God’s Good World

by Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) Evil, the Price to be Free Suffering is when a bomb blast results in losing a limb and a family member. Suffering is when certain economic policies favour the rich and throw a bone to the poor. Suffering is when a political party favours one race, sex or religion over […]

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