Agnus Dei – On the Altar of Love

By Charles Premkumar Joseph The Urban Dictionary is a resource that I’m frequenting ever so often these days. In one of my recent visits, I chanced upon the phrase, “Sacrificing the Lamb”. Ever wondered what it could mean? Tada… Meaning: “Act of cutting a girl off. Definitely a girl that makes you think she is innocent (lamb) but is constantly going behind your back and thinking you don’t know what is going on.” Usage: “Man, I had to sacrifice the lamb this weekend because I found out about a whole bunch of things she did. You should try sacrificing the […]

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What do I do? Nothing, for it’s done already

He calls us – His very own For reasons doctors knew best, Kevin our boy when born, was immediately shifted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Prior to him, my wife had had a miscarriage and we were still wheeling out of the trauma. So, you can well imagine the fears that buffeted us about our new-born. I vividly remember that intense emotion that had my heart pounding and my eyes yearning to peek through that rectangular pane on the door of that NICU as many times as I was allowed to; and that glimpse of that little bundle of […]

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Is Christ the End of Sacrifice?

In this video Aniu K. Kevichusa shows how sacrifice is essentially an act of cleansing. In the Old Testament, sacrifice rituals are often placed alongside purity laws. Sacrifice makes sense only in the backdrop of purity and impurity. The Christian story is not one in which humans are sacrificing to God to appease Him, but rather it is God who is sacrificing Himself for His creation. God does the giving up. He pays the greatest sacrifice of all. The liberating message of the Gospel is that Christ has made the ultimate sacrifice. He has perfected it. Because Christ has made […]

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Sacrifice Extraordinary: It Can’t Get Better Than This

The idea of sacrifice is as old as old can be. In Christian living, it is important to understand the concept of sacrifice. Here are some quick answers to important questions relating to the concept of sacrifice. What does the statement, “sacrifice came straight out of heaven” mean? Is Sacrifice a prerequisite for the world to be made? Why did God have to go through all the trouble?   What should be our response to such a sacrifice? If you have any questions or comments about the concept of sacrifice, you can use the comment section below to share it […]

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Love Most Magnificent: Where Can I Find It?

After Jesus was crucified, two men came and asked Pilate for permission to take His body down from the cross and entomb Him. They were men who, when Jesus was alive, were afraid to follow Him openly. One was Joseph of Arimathea, whom the Bible describes as a secret follower. The other was a teacher who had earlier come to Jesus at night so that he would not be seen in His company. His name was Nicodemus. Nicodemus and Joseph brought a sack of myrrh and aloes and, along with spices and strips of cloth, they wrapped Jesus’ body in […]

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