Generous Giving, A Way of Life

by Tejdor Tiewsoh Christian giving is  given a lot of importance in the New Testament. Apostle Paul saw the grace of giving as a core part of what it means for us to be Christians. Chris Wright1 asserts that Paul ‘gives more text space to writing about issues relating to financial affairs of churches than he does to writing about justification by faith.’ There are many principles about the ‘Grace of Giving’ that may be drawn from 2 Corinthians 8 & 9, however, this text’s reflection will focus on three key points: Christian giving is an act of worship – […]

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On Giving

Taken from the Slice of Infinity Neil Vimalkumar B is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society.   At an open lecture in a leading software company, I made the comment: “Love is seeking the highest best of the other person; it is not about your own interests.” An employee caught up with me at the end and inquired: “Is that kind of love possible?” I gave her an illustration of a mother who takes care of an ailing child—sacrificing her own comforts and well-being to ensure that the child is comfortable. This young lady thought for a […]

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