The “Good Governance Day” That Christmas Is

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. In 2014, the Government of India declared December 25 as “Good Governance Day”. The declaration was made to mark and honour the birthday of the former Prime Minister of India, AtalBihari Vajpayee. As all are aware, that day is also Christmas Day, the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever else one thinks of the decision and declaration, there is an ironic aptness to it. Writing around 700 BC, a prophet in the Bible, called Isaiah, predicted the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ thus: “For to us […]

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Strange Men, Strange Gifts, Strange Child

Charles Premkumar Joseph is a Speaker and Writer at RZIM Life Focus Society, India.   The word “Christmas” conjures up many images in our minds. The most popular one, I guess would be “gifts”, to the extent that ‘Christmas’ and ‘gifts’ could well be synonymous. Choosing gifts is no joke. Especially when it happens to be for one’s spouse. Somehow, it was way easier, you say, before marriage. Whatever happened after marriage? Whatever! Not too long ago, I had the unwelcome privilege of choosing a gift, this time, for a new born, of all people. Now that my gifts have […]

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