Bible and science

Is Faith in God Relevant in an Age of Science?

by Balajied Nongrum Many people today believe that life in the universe results from blind and random forces. They consider this a matter of scientific fact, and that belief in God is merely a matter of blind faith. Anglican theologian William Paley made an argument that, for over a century, was regarded as an irrefutable argument for the existence of God. He argues that while walking in an isolated piece of land, suppose I stumbled upon a stone, and were to ask the question of “how the stone came to be there?” The answer one might get, he argued is, […]

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Science and Religion, is there really a contradiction?

by Neil Vimalkumar B The world seems to be divided into a religious camp and a scientific camp. But is there really such a dichotomy? Do we have to choose one over the other or can it coexist well together? In this talk, Neil VimalKumar starts with the history of this dichotomy and goes on to show how the Bible has in fact fostered scientific endeavour.

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