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Engage meets a definite need within the Church, in India and overseas. It is one-of-a-kind magazine in dealing with issues and problems that concern many. Every sincere Christian will find it educative and inspiring as this magazine addresses apologetic themes and presents it in an easy and engaging style. Our articles are picked up prayerfully from the questions our team face in the public arena and we have some of the best minds addressing those topics for us. 


Oh Lord, Why This Pain?

- Dr. Latha Christie

“Ma’am, pray…..I need my child back”. I was taken aback by these broken words that were screamed in agony by a desperate mother at the funeral of her 20-year-old daughter, who had died in a tragic road accident. After two decades of being a single parent and bringing her up through life’s many difficulties, this was not supposed to happen. She was not supposed to be put through the funeral of her beloved child. In that moment, I stood there motionless and felt my faith drain away slowly like mist. I wasn’t even able to whisper after seeing the mangled remains of the once beautiful girl. I suddenly heard a subtle comment from someone nearby that there was no God.


Myth, Meet Thy Messiah!

– Jacob Cheriyan

We see the concept of sacrifice in almost every strand of Hinduism. Though the theological motivation and the method may vary within the diverse spectrum of rituals, the act of sacrifice is unarguably prevalent in every sect of the religion. It ranges from offerings of milk, honey, grain etc. in the form of puja on one end to animal sacrifices like goat, chicken and water buffalos on the other.

 The Hindu epics are filled with myths about sacrifice. These tales provide the basis for many of the rituals. Iconography pertaining to the myths can be seen in temples and other sacred places. Many of them are as old as the Indus valley civilization (2500 BCE).


Readers Expressions

The magazine has been encouraging & helpful in areas of conversation in the public arena on various aspects of Christian faith! God Bless all the RZIM team members. 

Vijay R.  U.A.E.

I am thoroughly enjoying this edition. RZIM engage is the first Christian publication that has reached my desk on time for the passion week. Starting from Charles’ foreword on the urban dictionary meaning of “sacrifice” ,through to Jacob’s research on the word sacrifice and Aniu’s thought provoking article -I am reading it all over again, just before I gift this to my friend to read.

God bless all your efforts in bringing this brilliant edition and many such more!

Binu Thomas, Odisha

I received the latest edition of Engage and it made for fascinating reading.  Once I started reading it, I could not put it down till I had read through the entire magazine! I found each article to be a “collector’s piece” – very well-crafted, relevant and practical!

Pravin Thorat, Chennai

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