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John Crist

John Crist is a sensational Christian comedian. He focuses on the Christian community and satirizes some of the stereotypical things Christians do such as worship songs, prayer requests, church hunting and mission trips. He is someone who you can lay back after a tiring day, watch and have some great laughs.


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Unconditional is a book by Jose Philip who is part of the RZIM team in Singapore. In his book Jose explores the human longing for God’s unconditional love and shows that this is unique to the Judeo-Christian worldview. It is only in the Bible that we see God as love. By focusing on the book of Hosea, Jose invites us to consider many aspects of divine love for humans and how this love leads to our ultimate good.


Biblical Themes

Biblical Themes is a very interesting segment of The Bible Project. The Bible project is a YouTube channel which contains rich animated content on the different books of the Bible. The Biblical Themes segment has about 13 episodes and covers very important themes such as Justice, Exile, covenant, law and a lot more. It helps trace these themes through the entire narrative of scripture.

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