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Unbelievable‘ s special tribute edition in honour of Ravi Zacharias hosted on May 22 this year featuring Amy-Orr Ewing, Abdu Murray and Vince Vitale

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Conversations That Count

Watch the new series as RZIM Speakers direct the spotlight on issues relevant to our faith and hence on to our lives, by dialoguing with experts and scholars. We begin the series with Sam Raju, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM India, interviewing Dr J P Moreland. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University. Moreland was selected in 2016 by The Best Schools as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers. Listen to JP Moreland as he responds to the first question on the series, Atheism, Grief and God, “Is it more rational to believe in atheism? Is there a God? If there is one, where is He?”

Resource Watch 1 - book confronting christiatniy

“This could be the most significant apologetics book of this decade, effectively updating Tim Keller’s The Reason for God by taking into account the very different questions and objections we encounter today, especially around sexuality, gender, and slavery. McLaughlin writes with confidence but also with a winsome and sympathetic tone. Confronting Christianity offers an unusual combination: It is theologically robust yet very outsider-friendly. Some of the more conversational books out there can be quite light (and even simplistic) theologically, and some of the more solid books can be somewhat tone-deaf. McLaughlin (like Keller) really embodies truth and grace in how she writes.” —Sam Allberry, pastor and speaker, author of 7 Myths about Singleness

“Do we need yet another apologetics book addressing the most common indictments of Christianity? The answer, in this case, is a resounding yes. McLaughlin brings sound argumentation and evidence to counter Christianity’s critics, but she also offers compelling personal stories. This is not a dry philosophical tome, even though it astutely answers difficult questions. McLaughlin demonstrates with intellect and grace that Christianity’s truths hold up against even the fiercest opposition.” —Melanie Cogdill, managing editor, Christian Research Journal.

“I find modern apologetics quite rancorous at times: Too often, instead of writing for outsiders who are curious about the faith, we pander to insiders who want to see their ‘enemies’ get a good roasting. But McLaughlin offers apologetics in the best sense: never brash or overbearing, never dismissive of objections, balanced and sympathetic, and ultimately a very confident and hope-filled argument for the truth and continuing power of the Christian message. Some of her positions might be controversial. But she is never eccentric or sensationalistic. She reflects the depth of Christian doctrinal and moral teaching as she sees it, and there is something about the book’s tone that creates space for readers to question, disagree, or argue back.” —Ben Myers, director of the Millis Institute at Christian Heritage College in Brisbane, Australia

(Read an excerpt from Confronting Christianity.)

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