Ravi Zacharias:
A Kingdom Stalwart
Shanthi Thomas

Greetings on behalf of RZIM India! While we are grieving the loss of our Founder Ravi Zacharias, we praise God for his life, ministry and the vision he passed on to India.

God placed a burden on Ravi’s heart to bring apologetics and evangelism to India. A few decades ago, the word apologetics was rarely used in the Indian church.  Today, thanks to Ravi’s commitment to God’s vision, urban Christians in India are not just familiar with apologetics, they use it to engage in conversations with others.


In 1986, during one of Ravi Zacharias’s ministry trips to India, he felt called to proclaiming the beauty and credibility of the gospel to the seeker and skeptic alike. Ravi raised a host of followers of Christ who were equipped and trained in confirming and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the realization of this dream and help from a few in India, the RZIM ministry in India was registered on June 2, 1987.


Ravi’s ministry was about knowing the doctrines of the faith, the arguments for the gospel of Jesus, and an understanding of world religions. He used his famous 3-4-5 grid to present the reasonableness of the gospel and engage friends from different faiths.  Many Indian leaders, in the Church and marketplace, would testify to Ravi Zacharias and RZIM as a starting point of their call and ministry.

Apart from his preaching ministry, his messages continue to be an evangelistic tool worldwide through radio and television programmes, podcasts and publications. His books have much appeal as they address a unique need in India. He took the initiative to obtain special permission from publishers to bring out Indian editions at affordable prices and now these resources are reaching the length and breadth of the country.

We can gladly testify that through the ministry of Ravi and RZIM, the Lord has drawn thousands of people from various age groups, professional backgrounds and different worldview to the love of Christ.  Countless lives have been transformed, impacted and many tough questions of life have been answered.  Open forums in illustrious institutions of learning have given opportunities to the intellectuals and the skeptics to pose their questions; giving them apt and well-thought-out answers with ‘respect and gentleness’ was made well-known by Ravi.

He addressed gatherings in the elite Bollywood industry, at a number of premier campuses, including, Whistling Woods at Mumbai, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, members of the Indian Parliament  and business leaders. His open forums across India’s cities are well received by all Christian denominations.

Ravi Zacharias impacted more than a generation. Few Indian Christians have influenced India and the Indian Church as much as Ravi.

In his own words at RZIM India’s 20th anniversary, he said, “Without God we would not have made it this far and without Him we dare not move forward”.

Shanthi Thomas

Shanthi Thomas

Shanthi Thomas, Chairperson, RZIM Life Focus Society, India

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