Celebrating Enlightenment

Neil Vimalkumar B is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. It is called the festival of lights. Arguably, ‘sounds’ as well. The popular story of Diwali is a celebration of the victory of good over evil and the narratives vary from one geography to another. Jesus Christ once announced: “I am the […]

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The Art of Dil-Logic

Taken from Slice of Infinity.   Charles Premkumar Joseph is a Speaker and Writer at RZIM Life Focus Society, India.   I was recently in Chennai for two weeks with a class of twenty aspiring apologists from all across the country. There was something peculiar about this bunch that caught my attention from day […]

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The ABCD of Freedom

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. There are at least four kinds of freedoms that God grants us humans: The freedom of ability, boundary, conscience, and duty. Call them the ABCD of freedom. In the first place, there is the freedom of ability. If God makes demands of us; He also gives us the […]

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In Search of ‘the Sanjeevani’

Charles Premkumar Joseph is Speaker & Writer and R.Aravind is Development Executive with RZIM Life Focus Society.   A jewel in the crown of Incredible India is undisputedly the scenic northern hill state of Uttarakhand (UK), formerly called Uttaranchal. Uttarakhand prides itself in housing some of the most cherished and celebrated ancient cultural gems of India; the central […]

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Three Secrets to Engaging with Culture

Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. The 21st century, more than any other century, perhaps, is characterised by one word – redefine. Core issues and values of life such as truth, relationships, marriage, meaning, reason, etc, are constantly being redefined to fit in with purportedly more progressive, tolerant and secular […]

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