Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby)

Evil and Suffering in God’s Good World

by Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) Evil, the Price to be Free Suffering is when a bomb blast results in losing a limb and a family member. Suffering is when certain economic policies favour the rich and throw a bone to the poor. Suffering is when a political party favours one race, sex or religion over others. Suffering is when family life becomes a struggle. Suffering is when competition comes in the way of friendship. Suffering is when you are falsely accused. Suffering is when you walk into a government office and later realise that those who drive better cars are […]

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A life well lived so that others may live well

by Daniel Thejus (Bobby) What defines your life? Does profit, power or hunger define your character? Are your ambitions at the cost of others or do they help uplift others too? In this talk Daniel Bobby Thejus exposits the life of Joseph. He shows how Joseph’s success was defined by his consistency in character despite his circumstances. At no point in Joseph’s life did he compromise on virtue. It is a lesson we can all learn in the situations God places us in.

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Emancipated to Emancipate – Pandita Ramabai

by Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) Pandita Ramabai was born in Karnataka at a time when the treatment of women in India was not very optimistic. However, Pandita Ramabai was fortunate enough to be born into a Brahmin home with a liberal outlook on women. Controversy and standing up to social evils played an integral part of her upbringing. Her father a Sanskrit scholar, taught and invested intellectually in his daughter because he believed that women should also be taught Sanskrit in order to have access to the Vedas, at a time when it was taught only to Brahmin boys. Her […]

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