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Beyond the Boundaries of Science

by Dr. Latha Christie In today’s post-modern culture of smart-phones and GPS, the millennials struggle with a major shift in thinking—questioning truth claims and denying absolute truth. Amidst this culture, the ultimate questions in life still linger: Where did I come from? (Origin) What is the meaning of life? (Meaning)  How do I know what is right and wrong? (Morality) and Where do I go after I die? (Destiny). When the books of Richard Dawkins proclaim God as a delusion and those of Stephen Hawking and Atkins declare that God is non-existent and the whole universe popped out on its […]

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The Challenge of Affluence

By Max Jeganathan In one of his lesser known works – ‘How much land does a man need?’ – Leo Tolstoy writes of a Russian peasant farmer named Pahom. Pahom hears of some landowners – the Bashkirs – whom he plans to manipulate into selling him their land. The Bashkirs offer Pahom a deal. When the sun rises, he is invited to begin traversing a perimeter of their land on foot. Whatever land he covers, he may keep for 1,000 roubles.  The only condition is that he must return to his starting point by sunset. If he fails to do […]

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Journey into Shadow

by Jill Carattini In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, the young hobbit, has been given the burden of bearing the one ring of power. It is a ring that has the potential to put all of Middle Earth under terror and shadow, and the darkness is already spreading. With a fellowship of friends, Frodo determines he must start the long, dark journey to destroy the ring by throwing it into the volcano from which it was forged. It is a journey that will take him on fearful paths through enemy territory and overwhelming temptation to the ends […]

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Making melody for the Master

by Augustine Paul  A thing of beauty is a joy forever, said the poet Keats. Music, you will agree, is one such tremendous blessing given to us by our Maker. Now music is an integral part of worship, be it in the church or in a public place or at home. Ephesians 5:19b urges us to Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord. The Church today varies in the size of the structure and the congregation besides other parameters. It may vary in the day the worship happens in its precincts –Friday(Gulf nations) Saturday (Adventists) or Sunday. The church […]

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