Neil Vimalkumar B

Whom do we belong to?

by Neil Vimalkumar B How do we look at the person of Jesus Christ? Whom did He claim Himself to be? The answer to this question is of paramount importance. In this video, Neil Vimalkumar B says if Jesus is who He claimed to be, then that radically changes the vision of our lives. He claims to be the true one to whom we belong. Understanding ourselves in relation to God can lead us to the most authentic and fulfilling life. Jesus claims to be the one who can bridge that relationship.

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Science and Religion, is there really a contradiction?

by Neil Vimalkumar B The world seems to be divided into a religious camp and a scientific camp. But is there really such a dichotomy? Do we have to choose one over the other or can it coexist well together? In this talk, Neil VimalKumar starts with the history of this dichotomy and goes on to show how the Bible has in fact fostered scientific endeavour.

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