Jacob Cheriyan

Living the Grateful Life

by Jacob Cheriyan The mother looked sternly at 5-year-old Priya and said, “Priya, what are you supposed to say when someone gives you a gift?”, Priya looked right at the person who had just given her a beautifully wrapped present and said in an adorable voice, “Thank you, Uncle”. We hear and use the words ‘thank you’ often in our day to day life. We thank the cashier in a supermarket after he has bagged our groceries, we thank the waiter after he has brought us our food and teachers train their students to say thank you whenever someone has […]

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Who is your True king? A Review of Bahubali 2

by Jacob Cheriyan The movie Bahubali 2 is not just an entertaining film but can help reveal profound insights about the human longing for a just and fair ruler. Many stories revolve around this theme. Who is a just ruler? What is a just rule? Why do stories all over the world glorify selfless rulers and vilify selfish ones? In this video Jacob Cheriyan looks into the deeper themes revealed in the second part of the Bahubali series and the valuable lessons it can teach us about our own lives.

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Social Media and The Quest for Identity

by Jacob Cheriyan The Episode ‘Nosedive’ from the series Black mirror shows us a dystopian world where everything is governed by a person’s ratings on social media. In this world social media ratings have become the basic currency. A person’s salary, housing, invitations to weddings, social status, all of them depend on how high or how low their ratings are. They even have professional counsellors who can guide a person to boost their social media score. Those who have a score of more than 4.5 are regarded the elite of the society. They have access to better jobs, housing, better […]

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A Prayer to Commit

By Jacob Cheriyan An Overview As human beings often we fail to keep the commitments we make. We all desire to keep to our commitments but we find ourselves falling short. This is especially true in our commitment to our Lord and saviour. We love Him and want to serve Him with everything we have, yet many things in this world prevent us from doing so. The answer is not to get disheartened and turn away completely, but rather pick ourselves again and recommit ourselves to our loving God who receives us with open arms every time we come back […]

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