Charles Premkumar Joseph

The Sting of Death Strikes Sri Lanka Again

by Charles Premkumar Joseph Cinnamon Grand it was! My colleague and I were hosted by a loving young Sri Lankan couple with their cricket loving lad (who doted on Dhoni) for a late night dinner in Colombo last month. Conversations, calamari, caramel custard and coffee at the Cinnamon Grand, well into midnight – a delightful combo that’s etched forever in our memories. My visits to Colombo have always been heart-warming. Lovely people, luscious land, languid mood a perfect affordable get away – typical backpacker thinking. But there’s so much more to this people and to this place that fascinates me. […]

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Key Voting Principles

Voting Principles 101 In Ancient India, the practice of choosing a life partner among a list of suitors by a girl of marriageable age was – the Swayamvara. In Sanskrit, ‘Swayam’ translates as ‘Own’ and ‘Vara’ as ‘Boon’ or ‘Choice’. The Hindu epics, famously record the Swayamvara of Sita, Kunti, Draupathi and Damayanthi. It fascinates me to learn that ancient Indians upheld the bride’s freedom of choice supremely. In perhaps the most crucial and sacred of her life choices – Marriage.  Ultra progressive, to say the least! Election in a Democracy is much akin to Swayamvara. Colossally crucial, immensely important […]

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Understanding the LGBTQ Community: An attempt

By Charles Joseph Understanding the complex nuances of the LGBTQ community is very important before we engage with the issue. Many times we can become very passionate about a cause without understanding the multiple layers of the argument. In this lecture, Charles Joseph looks into the history of the LGBTQ community, their grievances and gives us a few pointers to  how we can show love and compassion to the community without compromising on the truth.

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Getting a Glimpse of God

By Charles Joseph In this video, Charles Joseph says kings will come and kings will go, leaders will come and go, but the King of Kings, will live forever. Anchoring his message in Isaiah 6, he states that a revelation of God will result in reverence for God; reverence leads to remorse and repentance of our misdoings; remorse brings in the Lord’s remedy, redemption; redemption takes us on to responsibility – the responsibility to take the message to the world, reach the ones who are hurting and lighten the dark corners of the world.

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Lessons from History, Unlikely Heroes

by Charles Premkumar Joseph The people who have made the greatest impact in the world are the people who have had the deepest convictions. People who have fought against all odds for what they believed in. In this talk at the South Asia Executive Programme in Sri Lanka, Charles Premkumar Joseph looks at three significant characters in Indian history who at all costs, held fast to their convictions. In a world of convenience and comfort, Charles reminds us that we need to be people of convictions, holding strong to what we believe in.

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