Balajied Nongrum

Biblical sexuality vis-a-vis Hookup culture

By Balajied Nongrum The slogan of today’s culture can be reduced to just six single syllable words, ‘if it feels good, do it’. Peter Singer of Princeton University once said, “Sex raises no unique moral issues at all…Decisions about sex may involve considerations of honesty, concern for others, prudence, and so on, but there is nothing special about sex in this respect, for the same could be said of decisions about driving a car”. For Singer, sex is merely a physical act and that it has no moral implication whatsoever. Sexuality is reduced to the mechanical act of driving a […]

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Is Faith in God Relevant in an Age of Science?

by Balajied Nongrum Many people today believe that life in the universe results from blind and random forces. They consider this a matter of scientific fact, and that belief in God is merely a matter of blind faith. Anglican theologian William Paley made an argument that, for over a century, was regarded as an irrefutable argument for the existence of God. He argues that while walking in an isolated piece of land, suppose I stumbled upon a stone, and were to ask the question of “how the stone came to be there?” The answer one might get, he argued is, […]

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Learning to Live with Conviction

by Balajied Nongrum A couple of years ago, a bishop of Uganda while commenting about the nature of faith that his people, the Baganda, had, said, “If it came to it, I think the Baganda would be ready to die for Christ today: it is living for him that they find difficult.”[1] Today, although there are many who would identify themselves as Christians, yet when it comes to living out the authentic Christian life, they have gone in the direction of ancient Israel, i.e., “every-one did as he saw fit” (Judges 21:25, NIV). In other words, ‘morality’ or the Christian […]

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Surprised by Suffering

By Dr Balajied Nongrum How can a good God allow evil and suffering in this world? If God is all powerful and all loving, why can’t he eradicate suffering completely? In this talk Dr Balajied Nongrum shows us four ways in which human suffering and God’s goodness are not a contradiction. In fact, Suffering, says Balajied, can be beneficial as it leads to maturity and growth. Though suffering may seem unbearable at first and cast doubts on God’s goodness, it can lead to much greater joy  and lasting happiness.

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In Pursuit of Justice

(By Dr. Balajied Nongrum) A story is told of Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, who was famous for two things.[1] First, it is rumored that he lived in a bathtub and took it with him wherever he went. And second, he possessed a lamp. It was said that with his lamp he went throughout Athens, looking for a man who was honest. Legends say that before he could attain success, his lamp went out. His search ended in futility. Diogenes’ search reflects modern humanity’s search for true justice. As C.S. Lewis says, “Justice means much more than the sort of thing […]

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