Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby)

New Beginnings

by Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) I’m reminded of the lyrics of a song, ‘closing time, every new beginning is another new beginning’s end.’ Even before we have realised it we have come to the end of a year and the new year is here. Although this gives us a good opportunity to take stock of our lives, to begin afresh, to make amends, and to re-evaluate our priorities we must realise that the only constant in the midst of these minutes, hours and years is you. You don’t somehow become new every new year. Every new resolution you make must […]

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No Porn, Please!

By Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) Sex. The three letter word can be a blessing and a curse. It could remain a blessing if it is merely used but when abused it turns into a demon. We are told that, the more open we are about it the better off we are. Conversely the more open we have been about it, the worse we are for it. It has brought so much pain, disease, betrayal, abandonment and has abused hospitality. To make matters worse there have been attempts to justify the consequences of its abuse. Making the Christian view look like a […]

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Jesus Restores Justice

By Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) How Justice can be used to Build rather than Break people As teachers, my wife and I were constantly in situations that required fast track judgements. There have been instances when even after a long and arduous process of interviews and intimidating sessions our conclusions were not as accurate as we expected. Punishments were doled out and it was too late to backtrack. We can all relate to situations like this at home with our families or at work with our colleagues. Arriving at a perfect state of justice seems impossible. However, attempting to remove evident […]

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Seventy Years Of Freedom?

The idea of freedom resonates with the idea of release — to be free. It has been 70 years since India became independent. The shackles of the British Raj fell. We have achieved release in one very important sense. However, have we experienced release internally? We are tangled by several pressures. The pressure at work to prove yourself. The pressure to live up to your neighbour’s standards. Somehow ‘comfort zone’ has become a bad thing. In other words, we are all seeking happiness by running away from it the moment we find it. Dissatisfaction, the enemy of contentment, thrusts us […]

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