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Why Integrity Matters

by Michael Ramsden A society can function only if its people are men and women of  integrity. Ethics and Morality play an important role in the life of an individual and a community, yet we find it very difficult to keep to the moral standards required. We fail over and over again. Does our worldview have an answer for the predicament we humans find ourselves in? Does it satisfactorily resolve the paradox and provide us a way out of the chaos which it can lead to?

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Does God Favour a Gender?

Ravi Zacharias answers during a Q & A session after the Open Forum held on February 24, 2016, at University of Kentucky God is the God of humankind.. that is our Lord who treats all of us, men and women, with intrinsic worth and reflective splendour. What an incredibly gracious God to remind us that none of us is superior to the other! We only have the same privilege of taking our distinctives and complementarities along with us in taking the Message to the world. Jesus paid the greatest compliment to the woman with the alabaster jar of ointment that […]

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Secularism: The Prodigal Child

A helpful way to understand secularity is to see it as the prodigal child of Christianity. It helps not only by giving a location to the “secular”, but it also provides a way to make sense of the cultural conflicts that increased secularization brings. In its infancy, the term “secular” was used primarily to differentiate between the mundane tasks, such as farming, plumbing, or playing from the sacred tasks, such as, worship, baptism, or ecclesial liturgy. Irrespective of whether we now think that such a separation is warranted or not, we can understand the rationale for such a categorization within its […]

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And The Two Shall Be… Equal

Ravi Zacharias answers the question Are men greater than women? during a Q & A on May 1,2015. We, both men and women, are equal in the eyes of God. Nobody is better than anybody else, so we dare not place one above the other. In fact God has a special place in His heart for women. The greatest historical event the world ever knew, the Resurrection of Jesus, was first revealed to women. Issues of headship and leadership arise only when there is confusion about essence and responsibilities before God. Equality should not be confused with the role and […]

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The Struggle for Identity

One of the biggest questions we have to deal with in a globalised world is the question of Identity. How do we understand ourselves? How do we understand the Other? How do we live together with mutual respect for each other’s Identity? Jamila Koshy, an Indian Psychiatrist, states that Identity consists of three main aspects. The first is the self-identity which is the awareness of oneself, also called the Ego identity. The second being personal idiosyncrasies and finally, the social identity which is the social part of one’s identity. In this video, Jamila expands on the Ego Identity, exploring the […]

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