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The Uniqueness of Christ (Part 2)

By Ravi Zacharias The life and death of Jesus Christ provides us with a worldview that no other worldview can offer. It is absolutely unique. It first gives us a strong framework for moral reasoning, it shows us the condition of our  hearts and pushes us to think inwards and finally it gives us a remedy for the malady we find ourselves in. Absolutes in justice, evil, love and forgiveness can only be found on the cross on which Jesus died.

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From Great to Good

By Stuart McAllister In an age when success is measured in terms of the wealth you possess or the position you are in, Stuart McAllister challenges us from a Biblical perspective. The Bible redefines the popular notions of success and calls us to a life of commitment and faithfulness. From good to great is the first of a three part devotional series delivered by Stuart McAllister during the Executive Programme held from September 7 to 9, 2017.

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The Sting of Death

By Jill Carattini Researchers not long ago professed to have come up with a questionnaire that could measure a person’s chances of dying within the next four years. According to one of the designers, the test reported to be roughly 81 percent accurate among those who were 50 years or older. Their report, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, claimed the assessment could be useful to doctors in offering prognostic information and to patients who want a more determined look at the future. Regardless of the questionnaire’s effectiveness, however, the headline still struck me as […]

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Uniqueness of Christ

By Ravi Zacharias Do all paths lead to God? Why choose one worldview over another? Every worldview claims exclusivity in one way or the other. There is no all inclusive Truth, the question is which exclusive worldview corresponds to reality. In this video Ravi Zacharias shows that Truth by definition is exclusive and points to the person of Jesus Christ as the one in whom both Truth and Relevance converge together.

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Echoes of Truth

By Abhishek Shibu What is it about musicians that make them impervious to the conventions of life? How is it that raw passion denies all established laws even at the peril of being ostracised? Not just a blatant disregard to the rules but a forceful symbol of dissent wrapped in melancholic riffs which have the ability to pierce through the social and philosophical facade and present to the world bare, naked and unmitigated truth. It doesn’t concern itself with political correctness or even karmic retribution. What is it about musicians? They flow like a young, exuberant river – ready to […]

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