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A Gentle Philosophy of Success

by Daniel Thejus and Jacob Cheriyan In the modern world, people are driven by the need to Succeed. How do we define a successful person? Does success lie only in the hands of an individual? Can a person be successful in all areas of life? These are some of the questions that Daniel Thejus and Jacob Cheriyan try to answer as they dialogue to gain a better understanding of a very misunderstood, but absolutely important word.

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Sleep and Slumber

by Jill Carattini It is commendable that the city that never sleeps is at least taking naps. MetroNaps, a New York company that was founded in 2003 and tested at Carnegie Mellon University, provides a chance for over-worked employees, shoppers, and travelers to put their busy schedules on hold. The goal, to fight workplace fatigue, started with workers in Manhattan and has since spread in cities across four continents. The weary are offered a state-of-the-art sleep pod designed to maximize the invigorating effects of a brief rest. Appropriately, the gift of napping is also givable. “Nap Passes” can be purchased […]

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Mum’s The Word!

By Lynette Johnson She was five months into her pregnancy when she was warned that she was at a high risk of losing her baby. On the doctor’s advice this young and brave mother, agreed to spend 24 hours a day in a hospital on a tilted bed with her feet above her head. For the next 90 days, she ate, read, and watched television, only to leave her bed to visit the rest room. After three months in this uncomfortable position, this ecstatic mother delivered a baby girl. Motherhood is a feeling of mixed emotions. It is an exquisite […]

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Disappointment and God

by Ravi Zacharias I struggled as a teenager growing up in Delhi. Failure was writ large on my life. My dad basically looked at me and said, “You know, you’re going to be a huge embarrassment to the family—one failure after another.” And he was right given the way I was headed. I wanted to get out of everything I was setting my hand to, and I lacked discipline. During this time, India was at war and the defense academy was looking for general duties pilots to be trained. So I applied and I went to be interviewed, which involved […]

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